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Offering your target audience a fun and engaging experience is key to building a successful business. We work with you to create user workflows and wireframes to ensure we're on the right track.



No messing around. Non-stop pixel pushing until your website or app looks the part. It's important that we give your user base nothing but an exceptional first impression. Design is everything.


We collaborate with a handful of awesome development teams, all of whom are based in the UK. The final product should be pixel-perfect; we only work with teams who make this a priority.


Project: Winetrakr     Platform: Web (Responsive)     Type: Design Only     Team: Callum Chapman & Zane David


The Challenge

To design a wine cellar management platform which matches the distinguished collectors ambitious pursuit of wine. A system as inspiring and meticulously designed as a vineyard bottling expressed in an uncompromising style. It was important that Winetrakr delivers an effortless user experience across multiple devices, including web, tablet and mobile.

What did we do?

Working daily with Winetrakr's team, we researched existing wine cellar management platforms to give us an insight into the world of wine. We then produced user workflows and high fidelity wireframes. Following colour exploration and type treatment, we moved onto a designing a beautiful yet minimalist user interface that turned out to be quite a hit!