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The Product

Canaccord Quest™ offers a unique approach for analysing corporate wealth creation and valuation, encompassing quantitative company analysis, interactive online models, analytical tools and ideas-driven research publications. Quest™ gives their clients instant access to 2,900+ companies across Europe, North America, Asia and Africa.

The Challenge

Canaccord hired us to completely redesign the entire Quest™ web platform, whilst keep their existing Canaccord branding intact. We had to ensure the user experience was effortless and simple enough for long-term users from the older generation to use. We communicated with the Canaccord team daily to ensure we were on track at all times.

UX Improvements & Design Exploration

As the overall structure of the Quest™ platform was to stay the same as the existing build, we were supplied with low-fidelity wireframes to help us understand what elements belonged on each page. After making improvements where we saw fit, we jumped straight into design exploration to figure out the best way to present the huge amount of data that was presented to users. We also started to experiment with visual aesthetics at this stage.


Data Visualisation & UI Design

After deciding on a direction to take with the Canaccord team, we started to focus more on how to present so much data to the users, as well as starting to design various detailed mockups for important screens.


Design Styleguides

The entire platform consisted of 100's of pages. To save time, and to keep to help keep everything consistent throughout development, we created several styleguides for the client.


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