Project: Chelsea Kitchen     Platform: Web     Type: Design


The Product

Chelsea Kitchen is a new startup that offers a healthy and nutritious alternative to your standard Friday night takeaway. Catering for the West London area, all dishes are cooked from scratch using high-quality and organic ingredients by very notable and experienced chefs.

The Challenge

We were commissioned to design an up-market, easy to use responsive website. The website had to cater for all types of diets, and therefore being able to filter through products by diet type and chef was very important. There were many other challenges throughout the project, such as allowing the user to select delivery days and times, and a smart 'basket' that was easy to modify without leaving the menu.

User Experience & Wireframes

We researched some trending eCommerce websites and also some existing online takeaway services such as Deliveroo and JustEat. From this, we created a moodboard which was the starting point for the project. Once we had finalised a list of pages and a set of core features, we started work on creating a set of high-fidelity wireframes.

User Interface Design

Once we had the wireframe signed off by the client, we began to explore different design styles for the responsive website. We had a lot of fun experimenting with some different design styles, and eventually settled on a clean, minimalist design with a soft colour scheme.

Responsive Design

Due to the amount of customers we knew would order their food using a mobile device, it was important that we spent a reasonable amount of time creating a great user experience for the small screen. This involved a full set of high-fidelity wireframes for mobile, followed by the design.


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