Project: Digital Profile     Platform: Web     Type: Design & Front-End Development


The Product

Digital Profile believe there is a better way for individuals and companies to find each other. Their mission is to build a platform free from the frustrations of existing job boards, with intelligent matchmaking, fantastic usability and direct communication between the professionals and companies.

The Challenge

Digital Profile hired us to design a modern and playful website to work across multiple devices, including desktops, tablet and mobile. The biggest challenge was to design something quirky that stood out from Digital Profiles competitors.

User Interface Design

Having been supplied low-fidelity wireframes and specifications of the platform, we were able to move straight onto a designing the user interface. We had a lot of fun experimenting with Digital Profile's brand colours and playful monster characters.



Front-End Development

We collaborated closely with Artificial Labs to develop the front-end of Digital Profile. The site was built on top of the Laravel PHP Framework using their Blade template system, and making use of multiple technologies, including; HTML5, CSS3, SAAS (Bourbon, Neat, Dropbox's Scooter Framework), JavaScript, jQuery and Gulp. 


Circlebox have been a great partner on our project. They are attentive, deliver high quality work and are an active contributor to our project. They understand where we are going and are therefore able to not only work to a brief but to help us define it so we end up with even better results.
— Tom Bond (Digital Profile)

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