Project: Diskado     Platform: Web     Type: Design Only     Team: Callum Chapman


The Product

Diskado is a gift card marketplace allowing individuals to safely sell their unwanted gift cards online, as well as giving customers - who are typically looking for a bargain - a way of buying gift cards online without the fear of cards arriving with no balance, or not arriving at all. 

The Challenge

To design an intelligent gift card/voucher marketplace. The focus is on allowing users to sign up and list their existing gift cards for sale easily, taking the hassle out of selling unwanted cards. It must also be a joy-filled experience when searching, browsing and buying gift cards with the best deals. 


After researching Diskado's fierce competition, we set out to complete low-fidelity hand-drawn wireframes to get some ideas onto paper. This was followed by a high-fidelity wireframe prototype, which made the leap from planning to design easy.



User Interface Design

Following colour exploration and type treatment, we moved onto designing a fun and engaging interface which would appeal to a broad range of consumers. We wanted to make sure the website was easy to use for all age groups, which we achieved by taking a minimalist approach to the entire design, and using the gift card brand colours to bring the site to life.