Project: Grabble     Platform: iOS, Android & Web   Type: Design     URL:


The Product

Grabble is a mobile-first application that puts fashion right at your finger tips. Users can 'grab' products they love and receive notifications when their favourite products have dropped in price. Collections are also an important part of the app, allowing users to keep up-to-date with current trends.

The Challenge

Grabble commissioned Circlebox to give their entire platform (mobile apps, consumer & retailer focused websites) a million-dollar makeover to help it appeal to Grabble's target audience; fashion conscious teenagers forever looking to update their wardrobes.

User Research & Low-Fidelity Wireframes

We started by researching Grabble's target audience by creating several user personas. This helped us get a better understanding of the user types and how they use the app. Once we had understood what Grabble is all about, we started to experiment with different ideas and workflows, before creating several low fidelity wireframes to explore different options.


High-Fidelity Prototypes & User Testing

Following meetings with the Grabble team, we decided on one of the options to explore further. This lead us to creating high-fidelity wireframes and turning them into an interactive prototype for Grabble's existing user-base to test prior to designing the application. This allows us to iron out any UX issues before spending too much time on the interface design.


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