Project: Ooh by Je Joue     Platform: Web     Type: Design


The Product

Ooh by Je Joue is an up-market adult sex toy store dedicated to providing personalised pleasure accessories. With a range of Pick ‘n’ Mix accessories to choose from as well as unique Pleasure Kits, their customers are sure to find the right combination to find their 'Ooh'.

The Challenge

Ooh by Je Joue provided us with a real challenge. We wanted to design something that was up-market but fun. It was very important to design a look and feel that made customers feel welcome and excited, rather than embarrassed, as well as creating a seamless shopping experience that works across all devices that encouraged potential customers to purchase Ooh by Je Joue's products.

User Experience & Wireframes

We researched some trending eCommerce websites and also some existing up-market sex toy stores to give us an insight into the product and an idea to what direction we wanted to take Ooh by Je Joue in. Once we had finalised a list of pages and a set of core features, we started work on creating a set of high-fidelity wireframes.

User Interface Design

Once we had wireframe sign-off from the client, we began to explore to different design styles for the responsive eCommerce site. We were supplied with an extensive brand pack which included logos, colours, illustrations and other imagery.


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