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The Product

Opendesk has a global network of makers and a collection of furniture by a range of international designers. Because that furniture is designed for digital fabrication, it can be downloaded as a digital file and made locally.

The Challenge

I was hired to help map out Opendesk's biggest feature; to pick a piece of furniture, customise it, get quotes from local makers and choose one of them to make your bespoke furniture and deliver it to the customers doorstep.

User Experience & Wireframes

With this particular customer experience being such a complex and important user flow, we spent a significant amount of time exploring various different options. This involved countless brainstorming sessions, user flow diagrams, rough sketches and finally a full set of high-fidelity wireframes.

User Interface Design

Once both the Opendesk team and I had signed off on the high-fidelity wireframes, we were super excited to get started on the design. We always knew we were going to keep Opendesks minimalist approach to design, but we also took this opportunity to experiment with call-to-action button colours, some of the design styles and the interaction animations.


Design Styleguide

To ensure future consistency, I also put together a comprehensive styleguide for Opendesk.

Want to work with me?

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