Project: Traveltrooper     Platform: Web     Type: Design & Dev     Team: Callum Chapman, Tom Woodhouse & Stewart Doxey


The Product

Do you like to travel? Whether you're going on holiday, a business trip or a honeymoon, Traveltrooper will help you unearth your next travel destination by helping you discover interesting destinations by using their handcrafted filter.

The Challenge

To solve the common problem; "I don't know where to go". To create an immersive and fun-filled experience for travellers worldwide to not only find their next destination, but also to make them want to come back to review their trip(s).

Product Research & Wireframes

We researched existing wine cellar management platforms to give us an insight into the world of wine and Winetrakr's competition. Once we had finalised a set of core features with the Winetrakr team, we start exploring with some ideas in our books. This lead to several versions of a high-fidelity wireframe prototype whilst we explored our options.


User Interface Design

Following colour exploration and type treatment, we moved onto a designing a beautiful yet minimalist user interface that turned out to be quite a hit. We explored a lot of different ways to present the data, and came to the conclusion that a spreadsheet-like list of the users wines beneath the analytics was the best route. The analytics at the top of the web app can be expanded to reveal the users 'Cellar Dashboard', a quick overview of their entire wine collection in one place.